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✎ The Concluding Paragraph

A conclusion can restate the main points as stated in thesis statement. This restatement should be brief. It is a good idea to restate the thesis statement in different words. You must also remember a conclusion should not bring up a new topic.

 After restating thesis statement, You can write one to two sentences about Paragraph 3 first, followed by Paragraph 2 and finally Paragraph 1.   You can finish your concluding paragraph with one to two sentences of general statement for your essay. Below is the example of the concluding paragraph:-

In conclusion, a woman who is committed to marriage life, caring and intellectual is the one who qualified to be my future perfect wife. She should be able to be there for me as her husband especially when we are facing the hurdle in marriage life. Moreover, she should show her womanly qualities me and our future children later. Woman who is intelligent will be a better wife as we will be able to share better thoughts and insights of situations. However, chances to meet the right one is rare as everyone else will be trying to win her hand too and even though she might not be perfect, I will love her just the way she is.

credit to: http://www.englishdaily626.com/high_school_english_essays.php?019

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