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✎ The Body Part I

The body a.k.a the developmental paragraphs, which range between two to four, are the heart of the essay, for their function is to explain, illustrate, discuss or prove the thesis statement.

Who says diamonds can only be girls' best friend, they can also be everyone's best friend in essay writing! If you noticed, the shape of developmental paragraphs is like diamond in poker card, isn't it? This is because the flow of your ideas should be from specific, then general and specific again towards the end of the paragraph. 

Each developmental paragraph should have a main idea (MI) stated in the topic sentence (TS) and supported with two controlling ideas (CI). Each paragraph should end with a concluding sentence. You will clearly see everything in the example below:-

Firstly, I would also prefer to have a wife who is intelligent. Some men have the stereotyped "girl with a pretty face" image of a perfect woman. However, I know my life will be enriched by having an intellectually stimulating partner to share my thoughts with, and to offer fresh insights to old situations. More importantly, a husband and wife should be intellectually matched so that they can understand each other. Therefore, I would like to search for a woman who is intellectual to be my wife.

credit to: http://www.englishdaily626.com/high_school_english_essays.php?019

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