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✎ Before we end.

I saw this video on YouTube and think she can help you in your essay writing. Make sure you watch until the 7th video :)

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✎ The Body Part III: let's practice again!

Write a paragraph based on the elements given to you below:-

a) Main idea: Commitment
b) Topic Sentence: Commitment is very important on her part when she becomes my wife. 
c) Controlling Idea I: will likely to run away and leave you.
d) Controlling Idea II: be with you through thick and thin.

p/s: Do not forget the concluding sentence! ;)

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✎ The Body Part II: let's practice!

Identify the these elements in the following paragraph.

a) topic sentence
b) main idea
c) two controlling ideas
d) concluding sentence

          Besides, a sympathetic, caring kind of woman is the only one with whom I would make any commitments for marriage. If you are dead tired after a frustrating day at work, a loving wife who comforts you and listens to your problems can really make a difference to your day. This kind of woman will also be a better mother to my children as she is able to raise them with love and tenderness. So, woman who is able to show her sympathy and care towards others will definitely win my heart.

credit to: http://www.englishdaily626.com/high_school_english_essays.php?019

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✎ The Concluding Paragraph

A conclusion can restate the main points as stated in thesis statement. This restatement should be brief. It is a good idea to restate the thesis statement in different words. You must also remember a conclusion should not bring up a new topic.

 After restating thesis statement, You can write one to two sentences about Paragraph 3 first, followed by Paragraph 2 and finally Paragraph 1.   You can finish your concluding paragraph with one to two sentences of general statement for your essay. Below is the example of the concluding paragraph:-

In conclusion, a woman who is committed to marriage life, caring and intellectual is the one who qualified to be my future perfect wife. She should be able to be there for me as her husband especially when we are facing the hurdle in marriage life. Moreover, she should show her womanly qualities me and our future children later. Woman who is intelligent will be a better wife as we will be able to share better thoughts and insights of situations. However, chances to meet the right one is rare as everyone else will be trying to win her hand too and even though she might not be perfect, I will love her just the way she is.

credit to: http://www.englishdaily626.com/high_school_english_essays.php?019

✎ The Body Part I

The body a.k.a the developmental paragraphs, which range between two to four, are the heart of the essay, for their function is to explain, illustrate, discuss or prove the thesis statement.

Who says diamonds can only be girls' best friend, they can also be everyone's best friend in essay writing! If you noticed, the shape of developmental paragraphs is like diamond in poker card, isn't it? This is because the flow of your ideas should be from specific, then general and specific again towards the end of the paragraph. 

Each developmental paragraph should have a main idea (MI) stated in the topic sentence (TS) and supported with two controlling ideas (CI). Each paragraph should end with a concluding sentence. You will clearly see everything in the example below:-

Firstly, I would also prefer to have a wife who is intelligent. Some men have the stereotyped "girl with a pretty face" image of a perfect woman. However, I know my life will be enriched by having an intellectually stimulating partner to share my thoughts with, and to offer fresh insights to old situations. More importantly, a husband and wife should be intellectually matched so that they can understand each other. Therefore, I would like to search for a woman who is intellectual to be my wife.

credit to: http://www.englishdaily626.com/high_school_english_essays.php?019

✎ How to Write an A+ Thesis Statement

✎ The Introduction


1.Introduce the topic.

An introductory paragraph is the first thing that a reader sees.
2.  Indicate generally how the topic is going to be developed.

A good introductory paragraph should indicate whether the essay is going to discuss causes, effects, reasons or examples.

3. Contain thesis statement.

It is a good idea to state the thesis statement clearly and at or near the end of the introduction.

4. Inviting.

It should be interesting enough to make the reader want to continue reading. 

Students, you might be wondering why the shape of the introductory paragraph is like upside down triangle. It does not mean that you have to write your paragraph according to the shape but the flow of your ideas in the paragraph should be from broad to narrow. 

For example:-

Along the road from cradle to grave many of us get married. This in itself can cause more emotional disturbance than all the other events of our lives combined. Many factors make the difference between marital bliss and having "an old ball-and-chain" but the most important factor is probably whom we choose to marry. I always look for someone who is intelligent, compassionate as well as ready to give her commitment towards marriage life as my future perfect wife.

credit to: http://www.englishdaily626.com/high_school_english_essays.php?019

In order to master in creating a A+ Thesis Statement, you can google various articles on the Net as well as videos in YouTube. Try google  creating the perfect thesis statement and download the one in [DOC] format. 

✎ Before we begin.

Hello students!

Before we go in depth with the technical  part of writing, I would like to choose a topic in order to make it easier for us later on. Obviously, in deciding the topic for your essay, you definitely want to write a topic that you are familiar with. Therefore, for this time around, I decided to choose one of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2008, Section B: Continuous Writing topics and you have to write a composition of about 350 words on the following topic which is:-

c. My perfect future husband or wife. 

In other to help you to generate and brainstorm ideas for this essay, William's or Kate's characteristics might resemble the qualities of  future husband or wife that you have been searching for. Enjoy! (in case you've missed it.)

✎ Introduction to the Essay